Ft. Zachary Taylor, Florida

Coastal Systems International, Inc. designed, permitted and supervised the successful implementation of the recommended beach improvements at Fort Zachary Taylor. The beach had been eroding at a rate of approximately 10 feet per year. Numerical modeling techniques were utilized to predict sand transport, evaluate the coastal processes influencing the project shoreline, and determine the effectiveness of shoreline stabilization alternatives. Coastal Systems' final designs included the placement of sandfill stabilized by a terminal groin and a system of three detached, offshore breakwaters. In 2001, Coastal Systems designed a maintenance project for the coastal structures and the beach under the existing permit. Construction administration and hydrographic surveying services were provided. A truck-haul beach renourishment project has been designed and permitted for construction in 2007 due to hurricane impacts in 2004-2005. Beach profiles and marine resource surveys were conducted, and construction plans and specifications completed.

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