Marine Environmental
Environmental Impact Assessment

Coastal Systems International, Inc. has extensive experience preparing Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) for development projects in the Caribbean islands. Our team of engineers, biologists, geologists, and surveyors examine the existing site conditions using the best available technology and resources and evaluate the potential environmental impacts of proposed development projects. We use innovative planning technologies such as GIS and modeling to fulfill our Client's individual goals, while protecting and enhancing valuable resources.

EIA preparation entails a thorough review of physical, meteorological and oceanographic conditions of the project site including wind, wave, tide, and current analysis, topography, soil formations, water drainage, storm susceptibility, and weather conditions. Marine and terrestrial ecosystems such as coral reefs, seagrass beds, wetlands, dunes, and maritime forests are also surveyed and documented. Freshwater and utilities, historical, archeological, socio-cultural, and other local or national resources may also be evaluated. Throughout the EIA process, Coastal Systems staff offers insightful multi-criteria recommendations to meet environmental standards while enhancing opportunities for development. We also assist in expediting EIA regulatory approval by coordinating with local client representatives and government agencies to address concerns during the review process.

Representative Environmental Impact Assessments include: