Regulatory Permitting
Environmental Resource Permits

Environmental Resource Permits (ERP) are required by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) or a Water Management District for projects involving the construction or significant alteration of surface water or stormwater management systems. Typical projects requiring ERPs range from new or modified stormwater management systems for upland construction projects to ports, marinas, docks, piers, shoreline stabilization, and excavation or fill activities. ERP applicants must typically demonstrate that the proposed project will comply with water quality standards, prevent adverse impact to the environment and flood hazards, and generally meet public interest. In instances dealing with surface waters or discharge, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers or Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approval may also be necessary. Consultation with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission may be required, for instance, if endangered or protected species are present in a project area. Certain types of projects in surface waters, however, are exempt from an ERP since it is anticipated that they will not adversely impact the environment or water quality. Coastal Systems International, Inc. provides advice on whether a formal consultation with an agency is required.

Our role in the application process includes providing an initial assessment on the feasibility of permitting a project and identifying key requirements for approval. We have successfully provided innovative alternatives to design and construction to address a wide range of permitting challenges. The in-house team of designers, surveyors, engineers and biologists are experienced in providing site-specific information typically required by agencies. With a multitude of ERP permits secured for private and public clients, Coastal Systems International has the capability to expedite ERP processing for a wide range of projects.