Regulatory Permitting
Mangrove & Tree Permits

Mangroves are unique water and salt tolerant plant species which play an important ecological role in wetlands by providing valuable habitat for numerous marine species and other wildlife, including mammals, birds and reptiles. They also provide shoreline stabilization, storm protection and act as nursery support to sport and commercial fisheries.Due to their ecological importance, mangroves have long been protected by the State of Florida.

The Mangrove Trimming and Preservation Act was established in 1996 to regulate their trimming and removal. The Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) coordinates the implementation of the Act in conjunction with local county regulatory agencies and various municipalities.

Tree removal permits are required by several counties and municipalities for the bulldozing, removal or relocation of any tree with a trunk diameter of 18" or greater. Coastal Systems International, Inc. can provide information on the rules for a given area and assist in the permitting process.

Coastal Systems interprets the rules and acts as an agent between the respective regulatory agency and the property owner to determine what type of permit will be required (individual/general) or if the project is exempt from permitting. Our knowledge and experience facilitates efficient processing of the permit application. For information on native landscape planning and design services, see our "Habitat Restoration" section.