Regulatory Permitting

Stormwater Management Permits

Stormwater management (drainage) systems for new construction projects and redevelopment require environmental permits from the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) or Water Management Districts (WMD) and local regulatory agencies. Regulatory criteria established by the agencies are set to provide adequate flood control (water quantity) and remove sediment and pollutants from storm runoff (water quality). Structural components of drainage systems may include storm drains, street gutters, weirs, dams, pumps, exfiltration trenches and drainage wells. A combination of these components, in conjunction with non-structural elements such as grading and vegetation, are typically used in the design of a stormwater management system to meet both water quality and water quantity criteria.

Coastal Systems International, Inc. provides our clients with complete services ranging from the design to the permitting of stormwater management systems. Our civil engineers have designed and implemented numerous systems for multi-residential and commercial projects in south Florida, specializing in high density developments. Our team of permit specialists and project managers, with engineering and geology backgrounds, is experienced in processing stormwater management permit applications and related authorizations such as NPDES and water use permits. We have long-term, excellent working relationships with both engineering and environmental staff at the regulatory agencies.