CSD provides the full range of services required for design/build projects in the Caribbean:

Design Development

Our team of experienced mapping specialists, biologists, landscape designers and permitting professionals, work to achieve a balance of form, function and financing in all design-build projects. We develop solutions that provide the facilities our clients need, when they need them and within their budgets.

Our internal compliance policy requires that all processes impacting the environment be made to adhere to local environmental legislation. Our goals are ultimately reflected in optimizing the use of energy and resources and our commitment to be good neighbors in every community in which we operate.

Aerial photogrammetric/
topographic/hydrographic surveys and mapping
Environmental impact assessments
Feasibility studies and planning
Coastal, civil, and structural engineering
Landscape and resort architecture
Regulatory permitting

Construction Management

Our construction managers possess a wealth of varied building experience and specialized training. Our services begin with the design phase, where conceptual visualization with practical building advice, thorough pre-qualification of contractors and critical review of various parameters such as constructability, innovation and extent of optimum costs balance are involved.

Web based project management with satellite communications
Project management
Temporary housing for construction workers
Project accounting

Construction Operations

During the construction phase, our managers utilize modern management software to control every aspect of the work. A detailed construction schedule is set for the whole of the construction phase and the progress is continuously monitored. All procedures and related controls and cross checks are rigidly enforced to ensure that the work is finished "on time". Costs are continuously audited so as to achieve overall cost controls within allotted budget.

Resort architectural
Utilities (reverse osmosis water supply and distribution, reclaimed water facilities, fuel handling and solid waste management)
Earthworks, grading, drainage and roads
Marine structural - piers, marinas
Beaches and lagoons
Experiences - nature trails, blue holes, private areas and water sports
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