Site Investigations
Jet Probe & Vibracore

Coastal Systems International, Inc. specializes in the collection of geotechnical data in the marine environment. Soil samples can be obtained for a variety of sand search projects for beach replenishment and marine structural investigations. Jet probes are routinely employed as an economical approach to obtain general soil characteristics. Coastal Systems has extensive experience coordinating and supervising geotechnical investigation efforts at remote locations in the Caribbean. Landing craft have been employed to transport soil drilling rigs to various sites around the Caribbean. Coastal Systems owns a vibracore system which can be employed to obtain sediment samples for analysis.

The team of hydrographers at Coastal Systems is experienced in implementing geophysical equipment such as subbottom profilers and magnetometers to conduct sub-surface surveys for dredging and pipeline projects. Seismic profiling technology is the standard method employed to map geological features and locate objects below the surface of the sea floor. Subbottom profilers provide an acoustic profile of a narrow section of the subbottom directly beneath the path over which the device is towed.


  • Remote classification of seafloor sediments
  • Sand source searches
  • Marine engineering geotechnical surveys
  • Pipeline/cable site investigations
  • Environmental site investigations
  • Archeological surveys
  • Harbor development